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We development best application for end user. Example FX Motion for maker videos with slow motion or faster effect on your phone

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FX Motion
FX Motion

About Konicy Media

With 3 student in Korea. We build a team from 2018 to 2019 up 20 people. We create beautiful application on android and ios platform. We have 1 million active user and support us. This is effective for us continue development and export good application for future.


How FX Motion Really Works

Besides the above features to make the video more lively and attracting more viewers, you can simply add music to your video. We recommend you sound in the software, but you can choose music according to your preferences by using music in your own phone library.

  • Professional and easy to use interface
  • Setup Generate very fast
  • Video High quality
  • Share videos on social network easy
FX Motions

FX Momtion - Video Slow Motion Features

Slow motion video

This is an effect that slows down any scene in the video to make viewers feel excited.

Video faster

FX Motion A compelling video definitely needs fast rewinding to illustrate and highlight slow scenes.

Reverse video

This part is very good for those who like to do magic, the scenes that are done in reverse help us feel like doing something extraordinary.

Attach music

Choose any song or music to render with videos motion and faster effect.

Cut and Merger Videos

Cut or Trim videos very easy, with once click and you can edit video easy way

So Much Filter

Filter on app very much, it so cool as winter, gray colour etc.

FX Motion with Beautiful designer

Videos Demo for Slowmotion created by FX Motion

What People Say

John Doe

John Doe

Creative Director

I just bought a brand new Galaxy A20 and found out it would not do hyperspeed or slow motion so I downloaded this app. I am having an awesome time with this app...

FX Motion

Gary Lively

An Using

I like this editing beacause this is very easy and i like the most reverse and slow motion fast forward is not interesting but this app is very gooooooooooooood


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